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Affirming Therapy for Individuals and Relationships

Providing therapy for teens and adults with specializations in trauma, relationships, and LGBTQ+ support

Wild Berries


Kai Dunn (they/them)

I provide in-person (Denver) and Telehealth (Colorado) affirming and strengths-based therapy to support healing in your relationships with self, others, and the larger communities and world you live in. I work with teens and adults around issues related to healing from the impacts of trauma, exploring gender identity and sexuality, going through significant life transitions, and navigating relationship changes and challenges, including issues related to consensual non-monogamy, sex, and emotional connection and intimacy. I also work with LGBTQ+ parents, parents of LGBTQ+ kids, and parents working to heal intergenerational trauma.

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I commonly support people in the following areas: Gender, sex and sexuality, trauma,  life transitions, substance use, polyamory/non-monogamy, parenting, grief, and more.

I work with couples, polycules, siblings and more to address pain points within relationships and increase connection and fulfillment, and build relationships rooted in love and respect. 

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